Kilstein, You Sneaky Bastard

In the last newsletters nlp1.html  and nlp2.html we demonstrated why certain NLP techniques don't work in print and the one thing you MUST do to get these patterns to explode your conversion rates. In nlp3.html we introduced the concept of criteria which we will expand upon. And in nlp4.html we began to explain how to elicit criteria.

But in the last article I challenged you to find the sneaky stuff I was doing and...

no one got it.

Not a single person.

Because I borrowed a trick from a magician's book and used misdirection.

Milton Erickson never did what people expected.  If they came expecting hypnosis, he told them stories.  If they wanted a story, he gave them tasks.  If they came expecting a task, he would induce a formal trance.

So I did the same thing.  You were all expecting me to change the font size and use embedded commands.  Many of you caught that.

But you missed all of the language patterns I threw at you.  This is what I wrote...

You might want to do it like this, "so as you begin to think about applying the principles of NLP in print to your copy, perhaps you'll think of using them in the next sales letter you write.  And I wonder if you can imagine the voice of excitement as your client calls to tell you about the response your letter received and you begin to feel really good about yourself."

You might want to do it like this.  - Permissive language, embedded command

"so as you begin to think - pacing and leading, presupposition

to your copy - presupposition

perhaps you'll think - permissive language, future pacing

the next sales letter you write - presupposition.

And I wonder - connecting strategy, trance induction

imagine the voice of excitement - future pacing, embedded command, presupposition

as your client calls - 2 presuppositions

to tell you about the response your letter received - future pacing, 2 presuppositions

and you begin to feel really good about yourself - connecting strategy, leading, embedded command

So one short paragraph has 20 patterns that went past...everyone. 

And you guys are supposed to be watching what I do....

It kind of makes you wish you knew all my ultra secret strategies.

Oh, I'll share some of them with you in these emails.


In Response To Your Questions The Answer Is No

Some of you saw a post of mine some time ago talking about an NLP & Copywriting seminar I was planning in Las Vegas in September.  I've decided to restrict this seminar to members of my (closed) coaching group. Besides, the seminar is less than a month away and I'd rather not deal with people complaining about short notice.

Selected Reader Responses

Jonathan wrote (in jest): Hmmm, not really sure what you did, but for some reason I just feel really good about it!

Bill wrote: Excellent material! Thanks for distilling so much information into these emails.
I bought some of the books and am reading "Monsters and Magical Sticks". I'm familiar with NLP and the concepts presented in the book... but didn't connect the fact it could be used so effectively in my copy.

Ivon wrote: I'm also an NLP Master Practitioner and marketer. And I've used embedded commands, analogue markers, incorporation of criteria, pre-framing/re-framing and a number of the other techniques within my copy, scripts (and my general business presentations) for some time now. And (usually), it does work! Like everything, you MUST test....and practicing a little sensory acuity from a distance always helps. But the pay-off is definitely there. Thanks again and keep the nuggets coming. Amongst the pile of trash and spam that hit my various email addresses on an hourly basis, your emails are always a gem.

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Harlan Kilstein