How To Piss Off Your Teachers

In the last newsletters nlp1.html  and nlp2.html we demonstrated why certain NLP techniques don't work in print and the one thing you MUST do to get these patterns to explode your conversion rates. In nlp3.html we introduced the concept of criteria which we will expand upon. And in nlp4.html we began to explain how to elicit criteria.  In nlp5.html we introduced the concept of misdirection. In nlp6.html we began the concept of changing criteria.

Contest Results

Yes folks, there was a winner.  Some people thought I wanted to cure the guy from smoking and spent all their time criticizing my work.

The goal is copywriting and changing criteria.  The example is not relevant.

So for all of you budding hypnotists who didn't like the scenario and spent your time looking in the wrong direction, you were immediately eliminated.

Secondly, all of you folks who posted after the deadline...sorry but you were eliminated too.

Here's the winning entry from Eric Goettsch (Eric send me your paypal address to collect your winnings!)

Continuing the conversation…..     (T= therapist    P= patient)

T:  How will you know when you have peace of mind?

P:  I’ll know because it will finally be quiet….they’ll all quit their nagging and bitching.

T:  Has it ever stopped in the past…even just for a little while?

P:  Sure.  There’s been times when I couldn’t take anymore of their pissing and moaning and I finally blew up….told them to get the hell off my back.

T:  Did they?

P:  Yeah, but I felt like crap afterwards.

T:  Why?

P:  For losing my temper.  I love my wife and kids, and blowing up at them upsets everyone, including me.

T:  But you said it gets quiet for awhile, which earlier in our conversation was how you described having “peace of mind”. 

P:   Yeah, but I want it to happen without me blowing my stack.  I don’t want them to be quiet just because they’re afraid of me and my temper.

T:  So “peace of mind” must go a little deeper than just having it quiet around the house.

P:  I guess so.

T:  Why do you think your family hounds you about smoking?

P:  Health issues mostly…..lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema.

T:  These issues don’t concern you? 

P:  Not really.  My dad smokes like a chimney and he’s going on 90 without a hint of trouble.

T:  Anything else that bothers your wife or kids about the smoking?

P:  Maybe my breath…..wait a minute, come to think of it, my wife always comes up with the second-hand smoke thing, especially when I’m around the kids.

T: Do you agree with her that this is a problem?

P:  Yeah, I do.  I mean, you can’t really deny some of the studies that have been on the news lately.

T: So the nagging might have some validity?

P:  When the health of my kids is involved, yes.  And I should probably be more concerned about them myself.  I don’t want them to suffer the consequences of my bad habits.

T: So smoke outside the house.

P: That might help, but my kids will still see me doing it.

T: So?

P: So they’re old enough to know it’s harmful to me and to them, and maybe they lose a little respect for their Dad, and that bothers me.

T: Let’s go back to the “peace of mind” thing again.  They nag you, you explode, they stop, and it gets quiet.  Is that still what you mean by “peace of mind”?

P: No, I think what I really want is for my kids to know that I love them and care about them.   And I don’t want them to look down on me or lose respect for me.

T: So now “peace of mind” is self-respect….and having the love and respect of your wife and kids?

P:  Yes….I can always force the “quiet” issue.  And if I quit smoking just to keep them quiet I don’t think it would last to tell you the truth.  But these other issues are more important to me, so maybe I need to focus less on myself and more on my family and what I might be doing to them.

T: Do you think it’s possible to get to this point.

P:  I’m already there.  Hopefully you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve that will help me out with the smoking problem.

T: Actually, I do.  There’s this DVD I often recommend that’s put out by a guy in Florida named Dr. Harlan Kilstein………

 Pissing Off Your Teachers...

At the end of his career, Groucho Marx gave a farewell performance at Carnegie Hall.  As he took his position at center stage he quipped, "I don't think the dammed thing is safe up here."

I had the same feeling last week when I posted that the NLP & Copywriting seminar I'm holding in September was open to my mentoring students only.  A few of my friends including superstar copywriters David Garfinkel, John Carlton, and top A-list copywriter David Deutch (known to insider's as the next Bencivenga) are also attending.

But then I got an email from David Garfinkel.  He's been blown away by this series and as a long time student of NLP, he jumps on every single one of these emails.

I got the following email from David:

Hey Harlan,
One of my mentoring clients told me you're holding
the seminar on NLP and Copywriting and you told him
it's only for your mentoring clients.

Harlan, that's really not fair.  I'm pretty upset.  I sent an announcement to my list and really went to bat for you to get people into your autoresponder... and now this.

I know you're letting me attend, but what about my subscribers?
They should have a shot at this as well.  The information on
patterns in written form is simply not out there at all right now,
and I want my people to have the opportunity to get the same edge your mentoring clients are getting.
Let me know what you're thinking...

I was actually kind of stunned to get this email.  You see my mentoring group has known about this seminar for some time.  We've at the Platinum Hotel in Vegas and we only reserved 20 rooms.  I honestly didn't think about opening it up to the public.

David Garfinkel was one of my early mentors in copywriting and the most valuable lesson I got from him was on how to price a job.  It's why one of my first jobs as a copywriter went for $12,500 (as a raw rookie.)  Today, I command fees more than twice that.

In my tradition, we revere our teachers so only as a favor to David, could I have a show of hands if you would be interested in attending the NLP & Copywriting seminar.


  1. I don't know if we can get more rooms at the Platinum Hotel.
  2. I don't know if we can fit more people into the seminar room.
  3. We are locked into the dates of September 5, 6, & 7.
  4. I am only interested in people who are serious about learning NLP & Copy.  This will not be a pitch-a-thon but an intense training seminar.
  5. So please let me know if you are interested with the caveat that I don't know if anyone else will be able to attend.
  6. I owe it to David to throw this open to the group.


Harlan Kilstein